Some of the Most Dangerous & Notorious Football Fan Bases

Football connects people together! Unfortunately, it also connects a lot of dangerous people into one place and prompts them to organize themselves. These people are usually referred to as hooligans and are mostly related to football clubs.

Of course, this phenomenon is not associated with all the fan bases in the world. But there are some that are deemed as much more dangerous than the others.

Today we talk about these particularly notorious football fan bases.

Wisla Krakow

Football fans in Poland are notorious for their brutal behavior. After the UK, Poland probably has the most extreme football fans in the world. The most dangerous bunch are the supporters of Wisla Krakow, one of the most popular clubs in the country.

Wisla fans are so extreme that they were credited for starting the brawl in 2003 which included five more fan factions in Wroclaw. Their bitter rivals are fans of MKS Cracovia, a dispute that usually ends with some casualties. Fortunately, the two clubs haven’t played at the same level of Polish football for years now.

Millwall F.C.

Millwall fans, or the Bushwackers as they are referred to, are known for being the worst fan base in Britain. And when you have the reputation of being the worst one in the place where hooliganism started then you can only assume how bad these fans actually are.

Millwall hasn’t played in the top flight of English football for years now. But this hasn’t stopped their fans from causing some of the worst incidents in English football history. They are credited for the Kenilworth Road riot in 1985 and the Upton Park riot in 2009. Their bitter rivals are London-based West Ham supporters.


Galata fans usually welcome visiting teams with a sign that says “Welcome to Hell!” on their stadium. And the warning is there for a reason. The Ali Sami Yen Stadium was the toughest venue in Europe, according to many teams. But the new Turk Telekom Arena where Galatasaray moved in 2011 is even worst as it is the loudest venue that anybody has played.

Besides being loud, Galata fans are the toughest ones in Turkey. They greatly outnumber any other fan base in the country and will be remembered for starting massive fights with fans of the opposing Fenerbahce side but versus Arsenal and Leeds fans as well.

Colombian National Team

Certain fan bases go to extremes and the Colombian national side supporters have crossed the line at one point. Besides being loud and tough when it comes to cheering they are not afraid of coming acts of violence even outside the pitch. Even murder!

After an unfortunate own goal at the 1994 World Cup by defender Andres Escobar, the Colombian player was stabbed and killed by a group of fans in a bar in the nation’s capital of Medellin. Colombian supporters didn’t take likely at the team losing the game due to his error and decided to punish him in the most extreme possible way.

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