3 Top Football Clubs in the World

Since its modern beginnings in the 18th century, the game of football has dramatically evolved and has grown into a game that captivates audiences around the globe. People are spellbound watching the players chase a football around the pitch and score goals that bring excitement and thrill to the stands and all those in attendance.

Over the years, the game has been perfected, and the players have developed better skills and training methods. This development wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the big football clubs that invest a lot of money in their facilities and the leagues they compete in. The business aspect of the game is tremendous, and top clubs in the world are able to rake in billions of dollars from transfers of players, selling their tickets and merchandise, TV rights, etc.

However, it is not only the business and money that make a club great, it is also their tradition, the hordes of fans, and their success in the competitions. In this article, we shall cover a list of top clubs in the world. Read on!


Established in 1899, Barcelona is one of the oldest clubs in Spain, and one of the symbols of the Catalonia region. It is the second-richest club in the world, with more than €600 million in revenues annually. Also, it is the only club in the world wholly owned and run by its supporters.

Barcelona has won 25 titles in the domestic championship, together with 30 titles of Copa del Rey. In international competitions, Barcelona has won 20 European and 5 World titles over the years, which gave them a huge fan base around the world. Their stadium, Camp Nou, can house up to 100 thousand fans eager to watch some of the best football players in the world.

2.Real Madrid

Real Madrid club was given a royal name by King Alfonso XIII and royal it has been since it was founded in 1902. It is one of the three founding clubs of La Liga, a premier football competition in Spain. Real Madrid has won 64 domestic and 26 international titles, with 13 Champions Leagues trophies that make them the most successful team in this competition. Real Madrid is the richest club in the world, worth around €3.7bn. Their home is Santiago Bernabeu Stadium that fits 81,044 fans.

3. Manchester United

The “Red Devils” of Manchester were founded in 1902 and started their incredible journey to 58 domestic titles spanning over four different competitions, which makes them the most successful team in England’s history. Also, they managed to win 8 International tournaments, with 3 Champion Leagues titles included.

Manchester United has been playing on “Old Trafford” stadium that has the capacity of almost 75 thousand spectators since 1910. Manchester United is one of the world’s wealthiest clubs, valued at €3.7bn in 2018. The club has earned its bragging rights by having the largest fan base outside its country, with millions of people around the globe watching its every game.

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