The Greatest Football Managers of All Time

The stars of football are mostly on the pitch! The eleven men that we usually see are the prime focus of our entertainment. But we sometimes forget that the brains of the entire operations are patiently standing beside the field yelling out instructions from time to time.

Managers are those who run the entire thing. Their experience and intelligence are what allows them to run the team and bring them success. Even the best RI sports betting online sites agree with this and it is what we are discussing today.

Let’s see who are the greatest football coaches of all time that have influenced the game we love.

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson is an absolute legend of the sport and Manchester United. He famously arrived there from Aberdeen, where he already amassed 10 major trophies with the Scottish side. He was supposed to bring balance to a dwindling giant in their time of struggle.

He got off to a rocky start. But after establishing his philosophy he started producing success. Fergi created team after team who would eventually win him 28 major trophies in as much as 27 years that he had with the Red Devils.

Arrigo Sacchi

The Italian coach, Arrigo Sacchi, will forever go down in history due to his unique philosophy he employed. He famously said that he did not want any solo artists in his team. He needs intelligent players and wanted his team to perform like an orchestra. The greatest compliment that he ever received was that his team is as fluid as music.

Sacchi famously won the Seria A in his debut season with Milan in 1987/88 and then went on to dominant the European scene by winning back to back European titles in 1989 and 1990.

Rinus Michels

Michels will forever go down in history due to the dominant style of play that he invented – Total Football. If that sounds frightening, it should! It is what everyone wanted to see and it transformed the game in such a way that it was a joy to watch his team perform. There is no greater legacy that one can leave and it helped to change the game into something great that we appreciate today.

Rinus lead the Netherlands to second place in the world stage in 1974 and in the same year won the La Liga title with Barcelona. But his greatest success was winning the European Championship with the Dutch side in 1988.

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola was a mastermind in the field during his playing days. After successfully transitioning to managerial duties, he has shown how dominant his playstyle can actually be. He took an interesting approach to modern football completely changed the landscape that we used to know and transformed the way people viewed football.

Starting with Barcelona, where he won three consecutive La Liga titles and also brought Barcelona back to the international stage by two Champions League trophies. He would then transition to Germany where he took over Bayern Munich where he displayed further dominance. He won another three titles in a row and won the UEFA Super Cup trophy in 2013. The latest point of his journey brought him to England and the Premier League. This time he managed to win two titles with Manchester City and an FA Cup title.

In modern football, it is hard to win a title in any of the big six leagues, let alone with consecutive titles in three of them. Pep is probably one of the more prolific football managers in the modern era of football.

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