Best Apps for Soccer Results and News

Soccer is very popular and in this day and age, it would be unwise to read newspapers to get your sports results. In a world of soccer where there are daily matches across the world, you should definitely strive to find better ways of getting information.

Luckily, there are as many applications for different systems which allow us to get news and updates very quickly as there are apps for betting and websites that explain the pros and cons of things such as the Unibet app. Here are the best mobile applications you can get for soccer news.


It is that plain and simple, the FIFA app exists and is available on both the Android devices and the iOS devices. This application brings you news about everything soccer-related. The application has over 197 leagues, worldwide, in its database and you can get updated on any of the matches in those leagues. There are also rankings so that you know where your favorite team stands, compared to other teams, the world’s best. Another great feature is that you can search for specific matches if you need results from one.

Forza Football

Forza is well-known for their series of both video games and applications, at this point. This application, however, is regarded as one of the best in the world of soccer and is often downloaded by many soccer fans, along with the FIFA app. It is also available on both the Android and iOS systems and is therefore as optimized as the FIFA one. You can get notified about matches, results, even other specifics should you select them. There is also a forum, which you can browse and use to chat with other soccer enthusiasts.


This application is based on the eponymous soccer magazine which provides people with in-depth details about teams and individual players. Not only will the app bring you news about soccer, but also a very detailed analysis of your favorite players. If you like data and statistics, then this is the app for you. It is also very good as a reference for playing fantasy football. As the other two apps, it is free and available on the iOS and Android devices.


As one of the biggest broadcasting services out there, they also have an application which brings you updates on everything soccer-related. If you want news, rumors and transfers, then this application is the right one for you. They also have all the results should those interest you. This application is not limited to soccer only, so you can also use it to get results for a plethora of other sports. The application is free and available on both the Android and iOS devices.

These are the best soccer news and results applications you can find out there, for both the major mobile phone systems and all of them free.

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