AI is starting to Affect Soccer in Interesting Ways

The game that we all cherish and love has been developing. Like the world around us so has football started to be affected by technology. This has been a long time coming but soccer purists have been the stepping stone for many potential technologies that were supposed to be introduced in football. 

However, today, as most of you have noticed, many of them have started alleviating their pressure and have accepted certain points of technology in football. Whether this is good or bad it is yet to be determined as we are in the youth stages of technological advancements being added to football. 

The latest most talked about technology is AI. Many see this as the next step in our evolution and some agree that it simply must be used in football, just like BetYetu Coupon Code in online betting. The question is how?

Soccer and Technology 

Before talking about AI we have to talk about the history of soccer and technology. But let’s just focus on the latest and most important ones.

First of all, the main reason why officials decided to bring technology to soccer is due to multiple referee errors that started to happen all around the world. Things culminated at the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament where a lot of mistakes directly influenced the outcome of certain matches. 

Goal Line Technology (GLT) was introduced in 2012. It was a way to determine if the ball has crossed the line or not. In certain situations, it was hard for the referee and even the assistant referee to exactly see if this had happened or not. 

The latest addition is the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) introduced in 2018. This is a nifty piece of technology that comes with its own set of rules of use. A referee can take a look at the video footage of a certain situation and confirm with both VAR officials and assistant referees to come to the ultimate conclusion. It has proven to be quite useful even though there have been multiple complaints that VAR is ruining football. 

Soccer and AI

After adding technology to football the next step would be to start implementing the latest piece of technology that is transforming our world – namely AI. This may be a developing technology at this time and uses for it are still being invented, many people agree that it should definitely be used in sports. 

One of the ways that it started to be used is for match preparation. Analyzing the movement of players and the tactics of certain teams will give the coach valuable information when devising a strategy. This gives a completely new dimension when it comes to matching preparation. 

Another example of AI use in football was simulating matches. By inputting data about a certain team and its players, matches were simulated which gave some pretty realistic results. The most advanced piece of technology came from a company called Unanimous AI which has been able to successfully simulate the outcome of the NFL’s Super Bowl result down the exact score. 

Yay or Nay 

It seems that AI is the most logical and natural step when it comes to technology in football. There is no way of avoiding it and we should be expecting some very interesting additions really soon. 

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