Sep 22, 2010

Things they said..and probably shouldn’t have #3

Rafael Van Der Vaart and wife SylvieRafael Van Der Vaart

20 September 2010:

previewing the Tottenham vs Arsenal Carling Cup tie, Van Der Vaart had this to say about the rivalry:

“I know Robin (Van Persie) and he told me when we were together in the national team what a big game it is, but there was no banter over who is the bigger club. Spurs are the bigger club

Van Der Vaart is quickly becoming a favourite at Leazes Terrace for his bizarre comments, it’s uncertain whether he was referring to the amount of trophies won, recent league positions, fixtures between the 2 sides or even stadium size as Arsenal come out on top in each of these categories.

Just to make his comments look that little bit dafter, Tottenham (the bigger club) then proceeded to get beat 4-1 off Arsenal (the smaller club) in the Carling Cup last night.

It may well be that Van Der Vaart has a tongue in cheek style of humour that we just haven’t got yet? or that just doesn’t come across in print? Who knows, it might just be that this humour helped him nab his wife, Sylvie (a tenuous link to show a picture of her?).

ps –  unless Van Der Vaart wants to star in a WKD advert, or the latest Danny Dyer film, someone should tell him to try to avoid using the word ‘banter’ at all costs…

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