Dec 15, 2010

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Here at Leazes Terrace we have our finger firmly on the pulse.  We understand your 24/7 lust for precision statistical analysis and inane ramblings, incredulously loosely based on football.  We also understand social networking will become the primary method for all forms of communication and in the not to distant future you will be celebrating Newcastle United goals by pressing the ‘like’ button on the official fan page and ‘lol’ing every time Lee Cattermole is sent off.  In keeping with this vogue we are proud to announce you can now keep up to date with our latest utterings via Facebook and Twitter (and via Adult friend finder by a date yet TBA…)

Leazes Terrace On Facebook

Leazes Terrace Facebook Fan PageShow your support for us and give us scant personal reward for our hours of toil and relationship strain by ‘Liking’ us on Facebook.  Fear not, your strenuous efforts in doing so will be rewarded by receiving the latest posts, updates and borderline offensive material directly in your Facebook News Feed – in turn making visiting our carefully crafted website a non-necessity…

Still interested?  Good, then you can do this easily by clicking on the Facebook ‘Like’ button at the top right of this website (see it there… top right, you know what a thumb looks like… there’s a good lad).

Leazes Terrace On Twitter

Leazes Terrace Twitter PageSuffer from ADHD?  Then we have good news – Leazes Terrace also has a Twitter Page!  If you crave BBC News 24 style second by second updates and have yourself a Twitter account then why not ‘Follow’ Leazes Terrace and get up to the nano-second information on our latest words of whimsy. Lord knows we won’t be updating the site anywhere near the once every 10 seconds Twitter aims for, but the service is there for your enjoyment non the less.

If you’re feeling particularly motivated / brave / aggrieved / libelous then you can tweet us your own suggestions for a blog subject for Leazes Terrace to devour.  All suggestions that let us verbally dismantle Andy Gray are particularly welcome.

Follow Leazes Terrace on Twitter

As NUFC slaves, we tweet regularly on match days about what garbage is being spouted pre match, bizarre team line ups, new songs, how bad James Perch is, how good Jose Enrique is etc until the effects of alcohol take over and we revert back to arguing with whoever happens to be in front of our face before returning home to argue with MOTD…  We also add the odd photo live from the scene –  player look-a-likes, terrible replica shirt names and numbers, haircuts etc – generally whatever tickles our easily entertained souls at the time.

Want more? Bloody hell, well all else we can offer you is the personal ramblings of each of our individual writers-  you can follow them individually:

Richard Havelock: @websdevelopment
Ryan Davison: @Ryan_Davison
Chrissy Smith: @HulioGeordio45

Satisfied?  Good, you can’t say we didn’t tell you.

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