Sep 9, 2010

Second Generation Glory Hunting

Sven Goran ErikssonIt’s not uncommon nowadays to see a football supporter in Newcastle wearing a Manchester United or Chelsea replica shirt. The first thought that comes into my mind is, ‘look at that glory hunting little sh*t, supporting the best team in the league’. Now it may well be that the wearer is from the city of the team that they support, in that case, fair play they are being loyal to, and supporting their local team.

However, if they aren’t from the city of the team they support, have no obvious allegiance to the team and the team just happens to be the best in the league, to me they’re a gloryhunter:

‘But they were the first team that I saw play live’
‘But they play the most entertaining football’
‘But Manchester is my favourite word and United is my second favourite’

Sorry mate, you’re a glory hunter.

However, there is one reason which usually waives the stigma of glory hunting by putting the blame firmly at the door of the father. I have heard this reason given by my mate and ex-England manager Sven Goran Eriksson (two different people… although both support Liverpool having not being born there):

‘Why do I support Liverpool when I’ve been born in raised in Newcastle/Sweden? Because my dad did’

Usually the response to this is along the lines of, ‘oh right, fair enough’, and the questioning stops, we take it as an acceptable reason to be a glory hunter. However, it is not, the probing must continue.

This was how the conversation went with my mate as I’m not on speaking terms with Sven, we haven’t fallen out, I just don’t know him:

‘You know you said you support Liverpool because your dad does?’
‘Well was he from Liverpool’
‘No, Newcastle as well’
‘So why does he support Liverpool?’
‘Probably because they were the best team when he was growing up in the 70s’
‘So he lived in Newcastle? he supported Liverpool who were the best team when he was growing up? he’s a glory hunter! And by following in his footsteps, and using him as your excuse for your glory hunting ways – you are a second generation glory hunter! You’re glory hunting through your dad!’

Maybe the conversation didn’t go as smoothly as that to highlight my point, but the facts are correct and I had caught my first second generation glory hunter.

Within England, I’d imagine the most common 2nd generation glory hunters will support Liverpool F.C (due to their dominance in the 1970s) and Manchester United F.C (due to their dominance in the 1950s and 1960s). Although I expect a number of Chelsea supporting second generation glory hunters to pop up in the next 10 years, perhaps the next lot after that will be Man City fans if the sheikh has his way.

If you know a glory hunter who says the reason they support their team is because their father did, question them further…why did their father support them? Was he from the area? Let me know if you know a second generation glory hunter: I would like to add to my collection, I have two so far…

NB – I first posted this theory in 2008 on Wikipedia. Turns out that I didn’t have enough references (as the theory was made up) so it got removed. To my surprise I found it on an American website called Statemaster who have decided to host it on their website without giving any credit. Tsk!



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