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  1. Brodie
    December 28, 2011

    This is fantastic! I have had many of these ideas, but not as clearly thought out or as clearly worded. Why not push Ben Arfa to the wing, keep Ba in the middle, and have Jonas pushing up front with a 3 man midfield behind? I really do think having a bit of 4-1-2-3 combo with Tiote in that CDM spot would really be using him to his full potential and make an already fantastic defense even better. Plus Guthrie and Cabaye like to get forward and feed the guys up front, and we already know Tiote can link wonderfully with them.

    I adore the fluidity Pardew has tried to put into this side, and it has largely worked. For me, however, we still end up being too reliant on the wings to create chances while NOT on the break (such as both Bolton goals) and end up relying on a much more traditional pounding into the box in a 4-4-2 style. And realistically, I don’t think that’s necessarily the best for what this team COULD be but maybe the best for what we’ve got right now, Ba can be so much more than just a centre forward who heads it in and picks up the garbage goals, as we’ve seen, and I think we need to come up with more inventive ideas of giving him the ball outside of crosses and some pieces of Cabaye magic.

    Just some thoughts to follow up your great post. Thought provoking stuff for sure.

  2. John
    December 28, 2011

    Completely agree with everything said. However, will never happen. Pardew has already said he will never play Ben Arfa on the wing, and has been extremely stubborn in keeping that promise. Several times he has had the opportunity to play him out wide (Obertan/Marveaux injury, Jonas suspension) but has instead opted to play sammy. Even in the last 2 games he has brought Shola on and played him on the right rather than put Ben Arfa there. As much as we believe Ben Arfa can have an impact on the wing I guarantee it will never happen

  3. Omar
    December 29, 2011

    Great thoughts. Love the articles and insight.

  4. Petras LTU
    December 29, 2011

    I want to admit something, i really enjoy watching Tottenham playing it’s footy this year ( but i never take Man U as my team then i play FIFA 12 thou 😀 ), so i came up with an idea which formation would be the most similar with our squad In the long run, and could play than beautifully-effective all pitch controlling and ball rolling passing game (i know spurs are not playing only short-passing, they are top of the league in long passes too) :




    ======VUKCIC===BEN ARFA===OBERTAN======

    ================DEMBA BA===============

    Two attacking Fullbacks (as i said in the long run. Travenier could come better than Raylor. He is super fast and hard working, full of potencial young lad. ) Tottenham plays Walker and Essou-Ekoto there and i believe in the future Travenier and Santon could be far better players then spurs duo.

    Two holding midfielders (Against Norwich London club played Parker and Sandro) And we Have Tiote – Cabaye (there’s nothing more to say on this issue, it’s clear that we are better in this department even now + we have Ahbeid and Inman in reserves)

    Van der Vart (VDV) is a natural second striker with an eye for the goal (i can see Vukcic playing like him, and being better than VDV,because he is still very young and is looking like a real good footballer even now ) Vukcic also is a good finisher and can cross the ball very well too.

    Obertan is not a Gareth Bale ofcourse, but he is fast and improving rapidly, he is more skilful than Bale, Gabby just need a lot more confidence which will come with game practice, and also work more on his crossing and shooting. But all in all he has all the potential to be a really good footballer even if not becoming Gareth Bale (Different style don’t mean worse player. Gabby Ronaldo?m? :)

    Also i think modric role could be perfect for Ben Arfa. Then fit Hatem is equal as good creator as Coratian International, moreover IMO Hatem ben Arfa has even better shot than Mr.Modric, which means our star is even a bigger threat to opposition’s deffender and keeper.

    Lastly two strikers: Demba Ba and Adebayor. Ha ha! Who would you pick? (I now me too ;D )

    P.s we have Marveaux coming back from injurie too so our future is really looking bright at the moment.

    All in all i believe we will strengthen our squad much more during next year, because playing in European competitions football great team depth. 😉 What do you thin guys?

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