Oct 14, 2010

Football Fashion #1

Ancelotti collar

Aye..that'll do

Carlo Ancelotti’s Collar

In the first (and probably last)  installment of our football fashion series, we take a look at the new trend in shirt collars as sported by fond wearer of collars and Italian style guru- Chelsea Manager Carlo Ancelotti. Presenting.. the in/out collar.

There is something about Ancelotti that makes him easy to like, it could be his left eyebrow that goes off on one when he’s talking, it could be that he talks fondly of teams that he clearly has no clue about – (Blackpool: ‘”this is a dangerous game because they have a fantastic motivation“), or it could be that because he resembles a mafia boss we are afraid not to like him. However there is one thing which we can’t get away with and that is his recent approach to collars underneath jumpers.

The collar is a simple beast; it completes a shirt, keeps our neck warm and is flexible – you can wear it with or without a tie, you can tuck it in or out of a jumper. However what you can’t do is tuck a collar in and out at the same time, a fashion crime on par with wearing a tshirt and scarf combo or flip flops in the winter (students!). There’s a clear decision to be made, you can’t have collar tucked in and out, it looks ridiculous, sloppy and half-arsed. In or out, one or the other, it’s not the hokey cokey man!

Without professing to be fashion icons or the editors of Vogue, for the love of all things fashionable, please Carlo make a commitment to ‘collar in’ or ‘collar out’ and stick by it. There’s a good lad..

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