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  1. BeeGuy
    May 29, 2012

    Very happy to see you guys back!

    To be frank, I was shocked that AP came on Total Sports prior to the Everton game. This appearance signaled that the club had “mailed in” the result & it would not go NUFC’s way. From what I hear AP was bubbly because he had been in the bubbly that afternoon. Well, I got in my 2 questions (hats & on the park set pieces. He gave good answers. I’m still not sure what he meant about ground level windstorms at StJP, do any of you?)

    My hhigh point was coming over from the USA to attend the smothering of Liverpool. Best game of the year in terms of playing, tactics and positioning was taking out MANU 3-0.

  2. Ian
    May 29, 2012

    Great work, on a great season!

  3. AndrewT
    May 30, 2012

    Fantastic review! What a season it was indeed! I’ve really missed your assessments, looking forward to the next 2 articles!

    • RD
      May 30, 2012

      As always, thanks for the comments.

      BeeGuy – Ah, I hadn’t realised that was you on the radio. That was a good question about set pieces and it was interesting to hear Pardew’s response that they were looking at bringing in a set piece specialist coach, that back post ball to Williamson is too predictable and rarely comes to anything. As for the ground level windstorms, I presume he was referring to the harsh weather we get at times in Newcastle and that a hat wouldn’t be practical. Plus, off the top of my head, the only manager I can think of who regularly wears a hat is Tony Pulis, and it makes him look like a jumped up bus driver. Glad you managed to see the Liverpool game and you’re right, the Man Utd game was something special too.

  4. dom
    June 2, 2012

    Well thought-out and well written stuff, guys. Please keep it up when you have the time, it certainly adds to my life and either reinforces my thoughts or makes me see something differently. Kudos.

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